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An information source on Kentucky politics, with a focus on Frankfort statehouse legislative activity.

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The Commonwealth of Kentucky enjoys disproportionate influence in American Politics. The state's senior senator, Mitch McConnell, serves as Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate. Longstanding congressman Hal Rogers, from southeastern Kentucky, chairs the powerful House Appropriations Committee. The state's former governor, Steve Beshear, gained national notoriety for his successful implementation of an Obamacare exchange and Medicaid expansion in a conservative state, while current Gov. Matt Bevin's landslide victory as a Tea Party affiliate attracted widespread news coverage as well. And the state's junior senator, Rand Paul, ranked near the top of the polls in the 2016 Republican nomination battle for a while before high-profile candidates such as Trump, Carson, and Cruz crowded him from the limelight. This wiki provides information on the state's legislative (and eventually electoral) activity.

Origins of the Wiki Edit

The Frankfort Focus wiki began as a project in the Spring 2016 Legislative Process course offered by the Univ. of Kentucky Dept. of Political Science. Although supervised by instructor D. Stephen Voss, the students in that PS 476 course deserve most of the credit for the work and the creative design that went into the skeletal beginnings of this wiki. Of course, in the spirit of the wiki as an evolving, community-based information source, neither the university nor the individuals involved in the project are responsible for changes made to the wiki since they established it.

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2016 Legislative Session



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2016 Legislators

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 Representative Jeff Hoover-Minority Floor Leader

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