Bill Information Edit

House Bill 21

Title: AN ACT relating to the posting of historical documents

Sponsor: Kevin D. Bratcher

Date Introduced: 5 January 2016

Final Resolution: Dead

What Does It Do? Edit

HB 21 would require postings of the Preamble to the US Constitution and the Kentucky Constitution to be placed in all public school classrooms.

What Are the Politics? Edit

Pros Edit

This legislation would give students a constant reminder of the purpose of the Constitution. Proponents argue that this could increase civility amongst students of all ages.

Cons Edit

Hard to enforce, and perhaps costly to institute. Critics argue that there are few benefits to putting the preamble in every classroom. It could be superfluous to have the preamble in each and every classroom.

What Happened? Edit

HB 21 did not make it out of the Education Committee.

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