Bill Information Edit

House Bill 39

Title: AN ACT relating to tuition waivers for children.

Sponsor: Wilson Stone

Date Introduced: 5 January 2016

Final Resolution: Dead

What Does It Do? Edit

Provides a tuition waver at any public university in the state of Kentucky for any student that has been placed in foster care at least 12 months before their 18th birthday.

What Are the Politics? Edit

Pros Edit

This legislation would help many children who went through the often hard foster care process. It would ensure that at the very least, they would have a partial scholarship to go to college.

Cons Edit

Kentucky is financially strapped as it is, and there are many avenues for high school students to pay for college even if their parents are unwilling or unable to help them.

What Happened? Edit

HB 39 never made it out of the House Education Committee.

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