Bill Information Edit

House Bill 82

Title: AN ACT relating to maximum class size.

Sponsor: Linda Belcher

Date Introduced: 5 January 2016

Final Resolution: Dead

What Does It Do? Edit

This legislation gives schools some wiggle room in conforming to maximum class size requirements. If passed HB 82 would allow schools 15 student instruction days before enforcing the maximum class size.

What Are the Politics? Edit

Pros Edit

HB 82 allows for schools to adjust to beginning of the year challenges without having to worry about the maximum class size requirements. In some situations, it could be beneficial to have this sort of discretion to move students into an overcrowded class only temporarily.

Cons Edit

Allowing schools to increase class sizes beyond the set maximum, even for a short period of time, could pose a serious threat to the learning process at the beginning of the year, perhaps the most critical time for students and teachers.

What Happened? Edit

House Bill did not pass. In fact, it never made it out of the House Education Committee.

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