Ruth Palumbo

Representing District 76 (Fayette) Edit

Rep. Palumbo has served the 76th District since 1991. In the 2016 Legislative session, she has taken initiative in local sales tax, disabilities, civil rights, criminal procedure, reducing distilled spirits sales tax, school safety, policy benefits, and agricultural & horticultural property taxes.

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2016 Legislative Sponsorship Edit

HB2, HB29, HB70, HB74, HB94, HB112, HB137, HB155, HB158, HB198, HB201, HB250, HB265, HB272, HB292, HB309, HB310, HB316, HB379, HB408, HB433, HB441, HB503, HB513, HB576, HB626, HCR97, HCR117, HJR160, HJR197

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