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Senate Bill 90

Title: AN ACT relating to the siting of cellular antenna towers.

Sponsor: Sen. Ernie Harris

Date Introduced: 11 January 2016

Final Resolution: (April 9th, 2016) Signed by the Governor

What Does It Do? Edit

Overall, this bill mandates that applications for the construction of cell towers on state-owned property be approved by the Public Service Commission. This is an administrative bill that directs oversight of the cellular networks in the Commonwealth.

What Are the Politics? Edit

This bill is a slightly Republican leaning bill.

Pros Edit

  • Provides oversight for the construction of cell phone towers


  • Cuts out bureaucratic "red tape"

Cons Edit

  • The members of the Public Service Commission may have some partisan or regional loyalties in the approval process for applications. (Patronage Possible)

Major Changes During Process Edit

House Committee Substitute 1: Universities electing to perform financial management of their properties must submit cell tower siting applications to the state government (if otherwise exempt from local planning regulations), and exempt property for which the use is controlled by the secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet from such approval.

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